Toys like X-ZyLo Ultra Flying GyroScope

Throw Xzylo Gyroscope toy! Have Amazing fun throwing this gyroscopic toy.

A balanced life is a healthier life . . . so as much as we all like our boys toys, fresh air and the outdoors must be part of the mix.
If you fancy playing the ultimate game of catch then this flying gyroscope (which has has amazed NASA technology experts and has received a rating of ‘BEST’ in MIT tests) is for YOU !

Fantastic fun once you have mastered the art of throwing it

I love walking, cycling, countryside, beaches . . . and . . . now throwing my X-Zylo Ultra!

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Whether it’s skimming pebbles at the breaker waves, or hurling our X-zylo throw with friends, I simply love it.

The x-zylo, x zylo ultra and x-zylo launcher

are tremendous fun and amazing flying objects. A LOT of  people (young and old) have approached us at the beach / park / playing fields and inquired, “what is that?” It’s a real conversation starter.

X Zylo Flying Toy

X-Zylo Throw Like Frizzbee Flying Toy Boy's Stuff

It’s been described by some as like a weird shaped frizbee that goes and goes and also as the ultimate game of catch! It flies straight and far, by creating it’s own LIFT“.

But, just like the Nerf Mega Howler,

Aerobie flying ring and Aerobie boomerang it’s an ideal choice for upper body aerobic exercise outdoors.

The X-Launcher Flying Toy

is also extreme fun! Basically you get to launch mini X-zyLo flying gyroscopes that soar skywards, up to 150 feet. To operate the launcher you firstly mount the mini xzylo, then pull back the handle and twist! Make sure you have plenty of room around you, note any strong cross-winds & location of trees . . .

A friend’s 6 year old daughter insists we take her Nerf Vortex Challenger whenever we go walking and her strength and stamina at throwing have improved tremendously, as has her aim . . . you can guess who has become #1 target.

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Its great for all ages and my throwing has improved greatly since playing with it, too.

If all things Aero interest you then maybe a flying alarm clock is what you need to start the day and if sum indoor mischief fits the bill you won’t go far wrong with a flying animal toy.

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