Logic3 iStation Alarm Clock Radio for iPod

Logic3 iStation Audio Alarm Clock Radio White or Black

I needed iPod speakers and a good Alarm clock (!), so this choice of alarm clock radio fitted the bill perfectly. I’m VERY impressed by the sound quality – the bass is BIG for a box as compact as this. It’s not quite “Hi-Fi separates system” sound quality but for an alarm clock it’s excellent.

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For what it cost me the sound is brilliant, it doesn’t sound at all ‘tinny’ – the speaker system is exceptionally easy to use. Build quality is also superb and the radio does not suffer from static interference and is amazing DAB quality.

With good looks and a finish that appears more expensive than the price suggests it even has a holder to house the remote control.

The dock provides a perfect fit for my iPod and overall a doddle to set up. I couldn’t resist also trying my iPhone in the dock – and to my delight it charged that, too.

The only thing you really need to do is to set the ‘phone’s “airplane mode” to “No” when it makes a request as you place it in the iPhone dock. Whilst the ‘phone call function is off when you dock it the other functions appear to work ok – including playing music !

There are one or two minor flaws – so I’ve made a list of what I think are the Pro’s and the Con’s . . .

(In addition to considering these, I also advise looking at my post on the Sony Speaker Dock Clock Radio.)


  • Build quality and appearance – I think the design and materials used are worthy of praise. It is robust and “nailed together” well, pleasing on the eye (I prefer the white to the colour scheme of the other model) – it blends in equally nicely with my TV or my bedside table.
  • Good price/value – I think I would’ve struggled to find a similarly equipped clock alarm radio / playback device for less than £50 or so.
  • Superb quality sound – the output really is very good for a reasonably compact device (It may be smaller than a shoe-box, but the base tones are particularly noticeable !). Volume is sufficient even for a gathering of friends !
  • Easy to use – Although my young son commented on the layout of the units buttons, (found it a little complicated at first) I found that after a relatively short time the device is perfectly easy to use. In fact the remote control functionality is more than adequate.

In reality the cons are quite minor, however they do detract somewhat from what could well be a “perfect product” . . .


  • Amnesia ! – Upon losing power to the device I was disappointed to find myself having to re-input  the settings. Surely a small back-up battery (for pennies, like in a PC) would cure that? – Somewhat annoying to have to re-set the clock / alarm every time you (accidentally) flip the mains switch off, or a circuit breaker trips . . . It would be better if time setting was automatic, via the FM network – though not a massive issue, perhaps too critical on my part?
  • Aerial – although the radio antenna does a fine job of picking up stations it is LARGE, a bit of an eyesore and a tad fiddly. Maybe a characteristic of needing to get a clear DAB signal in built up areas?
  • Remote – But you need to be quite close ! Signal range is poor -  And you need to point it directly at the unit or it struggles to receive the signal. I recommend positioning the unit at the same level you are likely to point the remote from – maybe mine is faulty?
  • Readout brightness – It is rather luminous, even on the lowest setting. To some it could be annoying, if you prefer a darker room.

Overall though, I recommend this product to anyone, it was on my list of boys stuff and I’m glad I bought it !

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